Eco- Architecture – Green Buildings

People tend to associate “eco – architecture” with costly high  tech solutions. A   team of senior architects and engineers in China designed a structure that serve as example of cost  effective low- carbon technologies for an Energy- Efficient office building. 80 percent of the rainwater that falls on the building, is  gulped  up by its cisterns, saving lot of potable water used in a year. That’s just one feature that helps the 1,400sqm, ten-story structure save 70 percent more energy than the average urban office buliding. However,these eco- blueprints  don’t come to life easily, much stands in the way on mainstreaming green architecture. We discuss the sustainability of buliding ecologically:

          1. Many people  think a green building will always cost more. But construction in  China and that in US demonstrate that green buildings  can be built at the usual expense.

          2. The biggest surprise for people who visit such buildings that it really saves a lot of money. The money saved through  the building’s  life cycle  can build another  one.

          3. China’s green building have  become  the biggest buliding market  in the past 15 years. China’s annual rate of new buildings has been overtaking nearly half of the world’s number of new buildings for years now. Green buildings can promote more technologies and innovation as part of the market.

          4. Green building should not highlight any specific product or technology. Integrative planning and adoptive technologies are what make buildings greener at a lower cost.

          The basic features of green building should just be efficent use of land, energy and water resources. Green buliding are commonly understood in the world to merely highlight sustainability and environmentally friendly performance. To provide green technology solutions in the planning stage, oversee the construction, for environmental and years of performance.

Green building projects in Beijing helped ignite the Chinese green building engine in 2005, because it was such a big international undertaking and front venture of US and China.

Once it was finished, it pushed buliding administration to develop green building standards in 2006. Currently, each city in China has local green  building standards, which is one of the first steps in the right direction. But green buildings are still not becoming as popular as expected. Beijing is the pioneer of green building development in China. Such eco- architecture should be followed on large scale in India as part of eco- architecture. 


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